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Okay really...

You only get a 3 because you made the environment well. Good coloring, and artistic style for the background. One thing about it is that lightning will light up everything not just the sky which is the only compliant about that.

But really, a rubber ducky and a blue penis with a smiley face on it? You can do better than that.

illwillpenis responds:

I could do better, but I choose not to.

Not bad

Out of the three shorts the first one was the best mainly because of the piano. I liked what you did with the voices though I'm not sure how you got the effect.

Funny but not too hilarious. Keep it up and they'll get better.

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One thing though; should of had music, and maybe a little more animation. It was a fun little game though. The beach had me for a while, then the cathedral, then the clouds. Took me four times through before I finally got the clouds through random clicking. After I went back to zoom in on the area where I clicked and thought to myself, "OMG!!! Why the hell didn't I see that?"

Not bad

It was fun in an old school shooter kind of way. Should have been able to keep the upgrades from previous levels.

EXP problems

The game was very fun to play; great gameplay, okay sound that didn't take away from the flash, great visuals concerning the wireframe. The only thing I think is a problem is the way exp is handled. If you beat a stage really fast you get amazing points but hardly any exp to spend, but if you take your time and just exchange blows with the computer, then you can get massive amounts of exp with very little points. I'm not sure if you designed it this way or not but I was able to max out spin by the third round.

amPar responds:

yeah... the idea is, you can crank it out if you want to but your points won't be as good. So you got to find the happy medium of staying around and leveling or reaching the next level. If your goal is to beat the game stay around and level up. But if you want the highscore you're going to need to move fast and beat the game quick.

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